Alex Mohit, MD, PhD

Alex Mohit, MD, PhD

Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Professional Experience

Neurosurgeon / Complex Spinal Surgeon

Neurosurgeon / Complex Spinal Surgeon
Harbor Spine & Joint Center Surgery Partners

Staff Neurosurgeon
Franciscan Neurosurgery Associates, St. Joseph Medical Center 
and St. Anthony’s Hospital

Medical Director, Neurosurgery
St. Joseph Medical Center

Education & Training

AO Complex Spine Surgery Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute, Cleveland, OH

Skull base Surgery Fellowship
Harborview Medical Center (Infolded), Seattle, WA

Residency, Neurosurgery
University of Washington Hospitals, Seattle, WA

Elective, International Neurosurgery
Atkinson Morley’s Hospital, London, England

Internship, General Surgery
University of Washington Hospitals, Seattle, WA

Keck School of Medicine USC, Los Angeles, CA

PhD, Neurobiology
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

BS, Biochemistry
University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Professional Certifications

Diplomate of American Board of Neurological Surgery

  • 2000 Passed written examination
  • 2010 Passed oral examination

Neurosurgery Subspecialty Certification

  • 2006 Skull Base Surgery
  • 2007 Complex Spine Surgery

Active Medical Licensure

Washington State

Inactive Medical Licensure

Ohio State, voluntarily relinquished

Leadership Activities

Secretary, Pierce County Medical Society

Tacoma Trauma Trust

Founder, Tacoma Spine Interest Group

CHI Franciscan Peer Review Committee

CHI Franciscan Neuroscience Leadership Council Honors & Awards

AO traveling spine fellow, AOSpine North America

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Dean’s Scholar, Keck School of Medicine USC

Tio Family Medical Scholarship, Keck School of Medicine USC

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

Ivler Medical Student Scholarship, Keck School of Medicine USC

APC Honor Society, Association of Pathology Chairs

Aubert Medical Student Scholarship, Keck School of Medicine USC

Dean’s Honor Roll, Keck School of Medicine USC

Invited Presentations & Lectures

Pathophysiology of Spinal Cord Injury Musculoskeletal Research and Education Symposium

March 2014
Expandable Interbody Cages in Correction of Deformity Globus Spine Scientific Symposium

August 2013
Cerebral Concussions in Youth Athletics Kitsap and Pierce county Coaches Symposium

April 2012
Clinical Outcomes and Fusion Rates in Non-Instrumented Lumbar Facet Fusions in Osteoporotic Patients, Franciscan/Multicare Spine Symposium

Professional & Scientific Societies

North American Spine Society

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

American Medical Association

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

USC Salerni Collegium

Society of Neuroscience

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Grants & Contracts

Title: C2/3 transfacet screw: A novel surgical anchor for the Atlas
Co-PI: Edward Benzel MD
Source: DePuy Spine

Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Differentiation in Medulloblastoma
Co-PI: James Olson, MD PhD
Source: National Research Service Award (NRSA)

Title: Molecular genetics of Neuronal Degeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease
PI: Caleb Finch, PhD
Source: National Institute of Aging Training Grant

Research Projects

Research fellow, Molecular genetics of medulloblastoma,
with James Olson, MD PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Research Fellow, Molecular genetics of glaucoma,
with Rohit Varma, MD, California Inst. of Technology

Dissertation: Molecular characterization of a novel human brain-specific MAP kinase, with Carol Miller, MD, USC School of Medicine, Department of Pathology/Institute of Neuroscience

Research Assistant, Molecular analysis of a novel drosophila lens crystalline, with Carol Miller, MD, USC School of Medicine, Department of Pathology/Institute of Neuroscience


Refereed Articles

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Published Abstracts & Presentations

Mohit AA, Tzortidis F, Elahi F and Sekhar LN. Longterm outcomes after microsurgical resection of foramen magnum meningiomas, AANS abstracts 2006.

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Book Chapters

Mohit AA. Management of Failed back Syndrome. Handbook of Neurosurgery. Editors Benzel and Samandouras. Oxford University Press, (2009).

Mohit AA. Syringomyelia. Handbook of Neurosurgery. Editors Benzel and Samandouras. Oxford University Press, (2009).

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