Leg Pain & Weakness

About Leg Pain & Weakness

Pain and weakness in the legs could be caused by sciatica, which is a pain that comes from the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to the back of both legs. A variety of factors can lead to sciatica. When pressure is put on the sciatic nerve, it causes pain in the lower back that can radiate down into the legs.

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Some common causes of sciatica:

  • Herniated disc: This is the most common cause of sciatica. Herniated disc is when the jelly-like center of a disc pushes through the disc. It is also called a slipped disc or bulging disc. Your spine is made up of vertebrae (bones) and discs sit between the vertebrae, cushioning them. If the jelly-like center of a disc starts slipping through or coming out, whether due to injury, wear and tear, trauma, or another reason – this is a herniated disc.
  • Pregnancy: The expanding uterus puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This will most likely go away after the baby is born.
  • Spinal stenosis: This is a narrowing of the spine, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. It happens gradually over time, mainly because of aging.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Degeneration of one or more discs in the spine, usually due to aging.
  • Arthritis: Spinal osteoarthritis is when the cartilage of the joints and discs breaks down. The main symptoms are swelling and pain. Osteoarthritis can cause bone spurs that put pressure on nerves.
  • Injury or infection: These are less likely causes but sudden trauma as from an injury can lead to sciatica.


The most common symptoms that may accompany leg pain are:

  • Weakness: Leg weakness commonly occurs when a lumbar and/or sacral spinal nerve is compressed. A feeling of heaviness3 in the affected leg may make it difficult to lift the foot off the floor (foot drop).
  • Altered sensation: When a nerve is affected, a pins-and-needles sensation, tingling, or other nerve-related sensations may occur in the affected leg.
  • Foot pain: The leg pain may travel down into one or more areas of the foot, causing an ache or a burning pain. Foot weakness and/or numbness may also occur.
  • Postural pain: Leg pain and numbness may increase with certain postures or activities, such as standing for a prolonged period of time, walking, climbing stairs, or standing up from a sitting position.


The following treatments may be used to treat leg pain & weakness:

  • Lumbar microdiscectomy
  • Lumbar laminectomy
  • Microdiscectomy (cervical and lumbar)
  • X-Stop (interspinous process decompression)
  • Laminectomy
  • Laminotomy
  • Foraminotomy
  • HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulator

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